A64 Image On The CRCR Website

See one of our images of our Amendment 64 images in use at the Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation’s website.

Council On Responsible Cannabis Regulation

The Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation (CRCR) was launched by Steve Fox, Christian Sederberg, and Josh Kappel — attorneys with Vicente Sederberg LLC, the most recognized marijuana law firm in the country. All three, along with Brian Vicente, another Vicente Sederberg attorney, have been instrumental in the development and growth of the cannabis industry, both in Colorado and nationally. 

CRCR is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization founded with the mission to promote and advance responsible regulation of the cannabis industry in a manner that benefits society and encourages other states and nations to adopt similar laws, policies, and regulations.

CRCR works to ensure laws and regulations balance control with practicability, to encourage responsibility and self-regulation within the industry, to educate policymakers on the particulars of how cannabis regulation works, and to generate true collaboration between industry and advocacy.

CRCR is funded entirely by contributions from businesses, organizations, and individuals who share our vision. Please visit their website for more information about our projects and ways to get involved!